What is mpx?

mpx is a new SaaS platform that provides a barometer on the industry’s market state & perceived ‘health.’ It is inclusive of all participants in the media industry ecosystem – Advertisers, Intermediaries (Agencies, Consultancies and Ad Tech providers) and Media Providers.

It enables participants to understand how their partners perceive them in 3 key areas of Relationship, Performance and Transparency against the average for their participant category.

Its purpose is to encourage best practice and build trust & confidence between all parties across the industry ecosystem.

mpx is a AANA ( Australian Association of National Advertisers) initiative supported by the University of Wollongong who provide independent validation of the survey methodology, assurance of software security and verification of the accuracy of survey results.

Participation and topline results are free of charge to all. There is the option for participants to receive a more detailed breakdown of survey results for an annual charge of $7500+gst.